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Effective Industry Analyst Relations | PR Process

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Industry Analyst Relations & Outreach Can Improve Your Industry Reputation

Effective relations with industry analysts can position a technology vendor to leapfrog to the head of the short list in product selections and to gain the attention of the leaders of industry, the media, and the competition.

20 Twitter Marketing Tips for Social Media Success | MediaFirst PR

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Social Networks Social Media

20 Twitter Marketing Tips for Social Media Success Everyone tweets these days, but some people just don't get it. Social Media can be a great marketing tool for spreading the word about your company, yourself, your industry, your customers, etc. Here are some tips to make you successful!

1. To avoid readers’ annoyance, don’t make your profile background appear like an advertisement.

2. Display your photo and let people know they’re NOT chatting with some faceless marketer.

Biography: Becky Boyd, Vice President, Marketing Services, MediaFirst PR Atlanta, Tech PR & Consumer PR

Becky Boyd, VP Marketing Services, brings to the team more than 20 years of experience in information technology (IT) PR with marketing, public relations, and sales successes.  She is responsible for developing and implementing the tactical marketing and PR programs for MediaFirst PR Atlanta's clients via Tech PR and Consumer PR.

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