20 Plus Things Getting Publicity Can Do For You

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Some today think PR is dead. It is not; it has just changed and significantly. PR, marketing, lead generation, SEO, social media – these activities are all blending into what I call the new marketing matrix. Here’s what getting publicity, either via a press release, social media, blog, or whatever, can do for you and your business:

Why Should I Hire a PR Firm to Help With My Company’s Exit Strategy?

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Gideon Technologies Acquired by Symantec

Smart executives hire public relations firms that have experience and expertise in their target markets, such as MediaFirst has expertise in the open source Drupal content management system, telecommunications, manufacturing, health care, IT, retail, and supply chain/logistics/transportation/warehousing.

PR can accelerate an exit strategy if executives are looking for that. Last year, we had 4 clients acquired by much bigger firms. We call that a success!

Here’s how PR can be used to accelerate an exit strategy:

Corporate Branding: Creating, Organizing, And Using Corporate Identity Best To Identify & Differentiate Your Venture

Brand is the psychological feeling that prospects and customers associate with the firm (brand image) and, also, the interaction they have (brand experience). Managing expectation and experience encompass brand management.

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