Event Management

Event Management – How do you do it well?

Event, DrupalCon Paris: Pre-conference, organizing and assembling badges with meal tickets, etc.

Managing events can be a tricky, difficult situation for any public relations professional if the proper planning has not been completed. During the time leading up to the big event, there are many ways you can prepare for just about anything.

Event Marketing, Event Promotion, & Event Management Expertise Reduces Marketing Costs, Delivers Message, Pleases Attendees

Eircom Event Invitation For An Economic Development, Press Conference At A Trade Show In Boston

Event Marketing, Event Management, & Event Promotion

Need An Event Marketing Agency?

Statistics show that decision makers take buying decisions and actions at trade shows and trade shows provide the highest sales call to close ratio. Certain industries focus more marketing dollars trade shows than any other marketing or advertising vehicle because trade shows provide the lowest cost per sale and the largest profit margins.

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