Father Christmas Cup, Annual Soccer Benefit, Announced for December 19th at Atlanta Silverbacks Park

Lead Sponsors Include Atlanta United and the Atlanta Silverbacks; Other Sponsors Include MediaFirst PR, Global Image Sports and Many Others

Biography & Social Networking Links: Jim Caruso, CEO, Strategist & Evangelist at MediaFirst PR - Atlanta, A Global Tech PR Firm

Jim Caruso is deeply involved with our clients and assists in maintaining alignment of communication activities with the client's strategic intent. Internally, his concerns are strategy, process, execution, and quality. He has expertise in the industries of new media, telecom, cable, and Information Technology (IT).

MediaFirst PR Science of Social Media Timing - when & how to engage?

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It’s important to know when the highest percentage of your audience is eavesdropping on your social networks—so that when you share content you’ll get maximum exposure and achieve optimum results. This data is courtesy of KISSmetrics, an analytics provider for web-based businesses. I’ve provided data on e-mail marketing and blogging, too.

Making Press Releases Twitter Ready

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Remember when you were a child and you sat in a circle and one person whispered something into the ear of the child next to them and this continued around the circle until the message came back to the original speaker? Was the message ever the same? Rarely!

This is what happens sometimes when we issue a press release. Journalists may trim your press release to a few sentences. With twitter, well-intentioned followers will reinterpret your release into less than 140 characters, potentially causing the message to be garbled and lose its full meaning.

Writing Articles That People Will Read

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Listening to a HubSpot webinar yesterday on content marketing, it was discussed about how we all are becoming publishers. I thought, to become publishers, we must be writers first, or at least know the right content that our target audience wants to read. We must write articles that are interesting and will engage readers. But this takes time, energy, and creative juices.

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