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B2B Marketing Benefits From A Consistent Program Of Press Releases

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B2B marketing efforts benefit from a stream of Press Releases, issued at least monthly. Readers see your press release, a.k.a. news release, in many media outlets: online, in print, on tablets, and formatted for mobile devices. Social networks and social media tools leverage the distribution of press releases on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and on social bookmarking websites, such as,,,, etc. With MediaFirst as your PR firm, know that we leverage these for your.

Top Atlanta public relations and social media agency for marketing communications, product launches, press releases, media relations & PR events


MediaFirst is a top PR Firm. An Atlanta public relations agency and social media agency for marketing communications, product launches, press releases, media relations & PR events.

Do you want your company’s name in headlines? A review of your best-selling product in a magazine? Company news to go viral?

We can help.

MediaFirst's stellar results come from:

Industry & Communications Knowledge
Strategic Marketing
Rigorous Task Execution
Supreme Media Relations

Public Relations Firm Process: Media Relations, Your Press Release, PR & Newswire, PR 2.0 & Social Media PR

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Expect A Lot Of Your Public Relations Firm: Atlanta PR Firm, MediaFirst

Proposal and Agreement

Company principals, who are personally involved with and responsible for your success, listen to your goals and constraints. They price a package of PR, speaking opportunity management, analyst relations, or marketing services to fit the specific goals of your organization. The agreement states the rights and responsibilities of each party, including a balanced non-disclosure agreement.

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