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Biography: Becky Boyd, Vice President, Marketing Services, MediaFirst PR Atlanta, Tech PR & Consumer PR

Becky Boyd, VP Marketing Services, brings to the team more than 20 years of experience in information technology (IT) PR with marketing, public relations, and sales successes.  She is responsible for developing and implementing the tactical marketing and PR programs for MediaFirst PR Atlanta's clients via Tech PR and Consumer PR.

Tech PR Client Top Ten Requested Traits

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Tech PR clients want these top ten traits, which won us praise over many years:

1. Communicate well with me

2. Be competent and experienced, in technology and business

3. Establish good relationships and be a teammate of my staff

4. Demonstrate leadership

Tech Reporters Continue to Influence Impact of Company News, Giving Confirmation From 'The Experts"

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With the advent of the Internet and consumer journalism, the media no longer have strict control over the flow of information to the public. But, try selling the newest gadget without getting tech reporters and early adopters on board, and you will see they clearly continue to influence the impact of your news. The general population knows your gadget is out there but they still want confirmation from “the experts” that it’s good.

Grow Mindshare & Valuation

MediaFirst is a high-tech, public relations and marketing services firm with unique abilities that best publicize and promote the business of your technology. MediaFirst draws on a depth of technology business experience that other PR and marketing firms just do not have.  This powers great strategy, positioning, marketing, publicity, writing, and guidance.

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