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You can't find a marketing firm or PR agency that is more expert in supply chain, logistics, warehousing, Transportation Management Systems (TMS), supply chain design, 3PL/4PL services, geographic information systems (GIS) routing, and other types of logistics optimization software. Our knowledge comes from our work, marketing, sales, and educations in engineering, manufacturing, distribution, dispatch, routing, and field service software.

Strategic Supply Chain Planning / Strategic Supply Chain Design Firm, Insight, Inc.

For more than 11 years, MediaFirst has provided a number of marketing services to promote our client, Insight, Inc. Insight has supplied more than 90% of top industry firms across the beverage industry, consumer goods, specialty manufacturing, high tech manufacturing, etc. Insight SAILS software and custom supply chain optimization solutions have made Insight an extraordinary supplier for many years.

Supply Chain PR Agency For Elemica

MediaFirst provided online and traditional PR, social media, speaking opportunity management, and bylined article ghost writing for this global, chemicals supply chain operating network.

Logistics Software PR Firm For Optiant, Acquired by Logility

Case studies, white papers, bylined articles, Website analysis, newsletters, etc.

Strategic Supply Chain Planning & Design PR for Insight

  • PR maintaining global recognition of INSIGHT as a top provider of supply chain planning optimization
  • Productizing INSIGHT's optimization engine, the X-SystemTM, creating an OEM offering
  • Global supply chain management, optimization, consulting, OEM marketing, software, logistics

Transportation Management System (TMS) Strategy, PR, Analyst, Speaking, SEO & Advertising for LeanLogistics

MediaFirst delivered a wide range of marketing services for LeanLogistics from the client's start-up through the acquisition. Over this time, we promoted the firm via great press coverage. Press coverage requires a consistent program of pitching to reporters and editors. This is the hard work of understanding press opportunities via relationships with the media and research of editorial calendars (EdCals). Over many years, we wrote and issued press releases that promoted the year-over-year growth and positioning strategies of LeanLogistics. The PR program was integrated with analyst relations support and speaking engagement management. LeanLogistics won very many awards, staying at the top of supply chain and logistics firms offering Transportation Management Systems (TMS). MediaFirst stepped up to design a comprehensive Google Adwords program. In addition, we provided a rigorous analysis of the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) position of and its position versus competition.

Service Supply Chain PR Company For iMedeon, Inc. ;- Received US$15.5m In Funding

Developed Service Chain Management positioning for iMedeon and helped them to success and fame.  Introduced them to the CEO of Aether, which led a corporate venture investment of $15.5 million with major industry players, including GE Equity, a GE Capital company (NYSE:GE), wireless data leader Aether (NASDAQ:AETH), GE Power Systems, iMedeon's existing venture investor, Insight Capital Partners, and others.

Logistics Business Plan Writing

Rewrote the Business Plan toward venture funding. A core offering of this plan was an online, B2B supply chain for the target market of residential facilities for seniors.

  • Focused the business model; clearly stated value propositions
  • Developed new compelling industry statistics supporting the plan
  • Researched and addressed each key element for the plan
  • Web-based, complementary B2B supply chain serving the senior's housing industry

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