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For more than ten years, MediaFirst has helped power clients to success through public relations:

  • Awareness and market standing versus competition
  • Knowledge and clarity of brand and value proposition
  • Positive perception and lead generation
  • Acquisition and exit for owners, shareholders, and VCs

Successful exits facilitated by High Tech PR Agency MediaFirst include Gideon Technologies of Alpharetta, GA (acquired by Symantec), Optiant of Boston, MA (acquired by Logility), LeanLogistics of Michigan (acquired), Optimus Solutions of Norcross, GA (acquired), Eircom of Connecticut (IPO in 2004), ExtremeLogic of Atlanta, GA (acquired by HP), and more.

MediaFirst combines High Tech PR Firm innovation and technology business experience to deliver great strategy, positioning, writing, and guidance. We get you consistently better media coverage by better serving your audiences, such as bloggers, reporters, editors, and web visitors. Whether you seek a technology public relations firm or a consumer public relations firm, MediaFirst communicates your value proposition for lead generation.

Market awareness of your successes increases the valuation of your firm and generates sales leads, investor interest, and competitive advantage.  Our public relations services win speaking opportunities, gain industry analyst praise, place bylined articles, announce your press release, garner significant industry awards, execute on content strategy, and engage via media relations and social media marketing.

To accomplish your goals, we craft programs of Marketing and PR for technology ventures & consumer companies that:

  • Create awareness in your target markets
  • Build mind share
  • Impart knowledge of your value proposition
  • Establish and leverage customer loyalty
  • Synchronize the marketing attack
  • Secure executive thought-leadership
  • Engage and grow audiences
  • Outmaneuver and outshine the competition

MediaFirst won a HOT IN 2015 AWARD (out of 5000 companies)!

MediaFirst Company Profile

MediaFirst is an Atlanta Public Relations agency, expert in Technology PR and Consumer PR, with global public relations clients and reach. Call 770.642.2080 to explore ideas for your business growth. In Atlanta or beyond, for a High Tech Public Relations Firm or Consumer Public Relations Firm, select MediaFirst, a top PR firm & marketing agency for lead generation.